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Welcome to  Keikoba Shukokai Karate & Self defence  clubs

Est 1981 - 2024    43rd  Year - 13th Year in business

Traditional Shukokai Karate & self defence in Stoke -on - Trent, Staffordshire

Contact Sensei Dave Bowler 8th Dan ( 50 years service) 07984482264

All year offer, enrol for your FOUR Free lessons, with our flexible training scheme.

Our safe and friendly clubs welcome children from 6 years old, teenagers, adults and families. 

We are an established and unique Shukokai karate in Stoke taught by full time specialist and founder Sensei Dave Bowler 8th Dan black belt , with a Shukokai gold licence was awarded after 40 years service, and  now into 50 years service within martial arts.

Keikoba was established in 1981 with  two clubs are thriving. We have trained many students from beginners to black belt and beyond.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or just want to get fit and learn self defence , then we have the experience and fully qualified instructors to guide you to reach your goal.
We teach authentic Shukokai karate and self defence effectively and safe to our world recognised style, all at very sensible prices.

What our classes are based upon  traditional Shukokai ,fitness, self defence, confidence building, discipline, respect, self esteem, meeting new friends, 2nd addition of our new grading syllabus, competition techniques, combat techniques.
Each class is taught with different ideas, which can be fun and energetic.

Private tuition is available, either hall hire , or home location with appointment only, which can be used towards your choice between pre-grading, self defence or sparring improvement.
With convenient days and times to suit.
To book your appointment contact  Dave Bowler  07984482264

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Aikido Takedown
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Education - Exploration - Satisfaction

We founded Keikoba Shukokai Karate with one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most rewarding learning experience.
Our passionate and skilled team of instructor's are here to help students achieve their goals. Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us today! Give us a call 07984482264

Sunset Martial Arts

Thank you very much for coming and teaching us self defence, we learnt so much and had some good fun - 1st Keele brownies & Madeley Rangers. (January 2011)


Thanks for all your guidance and support over the last six years.  Joel, 1st Dan (November 2017)

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into getting me through my black belt  grading and all your help over the years. James Tierney (November 2017)

Course schedule. Visit calendar page. 

New for 2024

Free all grades and instructor's courses at Whitmore Village Hall for kyu grade students from red belt, also trainee and qualified instructor's.

Karate Belt
Aikido Takedown


Karate Black Belt


Thanks for getting in touch!

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