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Our Traditional Shukokai Style

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 Shukokai is a style of karate based on Tani-ha Shito ryu a branch of Shito-ryu developed by Chojiro Tani in 1946 and refined by his students, including Yamada Haruyoshi and Kimura Shigeru.
Chojiro Tani was born in 1921 and started his formal training under Miyagi Chojun. Sensei Tani graduating from university and after many years training under Mabuni becoming one of his most senior students and received the certificate of succession from him. Chojiro Tani began teaching the karate style Shukokai ( meaning the way for all) at a dojo in Kobe in Japan in 1946. Shukokai was designed around the body mechanics which is very fast due to its relatively high stance aiding mobility with double hip twist, which maximises the force, making it one of the most hard hitting karate styles today.
One of Tani's most senior students, Shigeru Kamura, he left Japan in 1965 to teach Shukokai in Africa. He then developed the style even further,emphasizing its power and strength and was regarded as an expert. Kimura continued to teach after travelling to Europe before settling down in the United States in 1970 aged 29. Three of my Senior instructor's from my past SKU days, Sensei Roy Elden,Stan Knighton and Dave Warburton trained with both Sensei Tan and  Kimura during the Shukokai Karate Union, which was formed in 1969.                                                                                         
Chojiro Tani born  1921  until  1998- Shigeru Kamura 1941 until 1995
Keikoba Karate still teach the original shukokai way, which is included in their grading syllabus.

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