Orginal and the best  karate of excellence.
We are members of the Keikoba Shukokai Karate, teaching the traditional style of Shukokai working to a recognized grading syllabus set by Chief instructor / founder sensei Dave Bowler 8th degree - Keikoba Shukokai.

SHU- Study of martial arts, KO - People Coming together, KAI - An association where people come together to study martial arts.

                     SOKE CHOJIRO TANI  1921 - 1998 -  Aged 77 - Founder of  Tani Ha  Shito ryu / Shukokai                                               SOKE SHIGERU  KIMURA   1941 - 1995 - Aged 54 - World Chief instructor of modern day Shukokai

Shukokai pronounced Shu-Ko-Kai, was founded after the second world war by Master Chojiro Tani  who was born in Kobe, Japan in 1921 and began studying the art of Karate during junior high school at the Gojo school of Karate.    He entered Doshisha university in 1940 and furthered his studies under the direction of Kenwa Mabuni  1889 - 1952 founder of Shito ryu. In 1948 he opened the Shukokai school of karate in Kobe.Tani's style spread mainly in Europe, Shigeru Kimura a student of sensei Tani promulgated Shukokai to the USA, then was introduced to England in 1968 by the Japanese masters.

Master Tani & Kimura sort to perfect the Shukokai style ( Tani karate research institute)  by studying the mechanics of the human body and developed techniques which can be delivered with maximum efficiency. It  takes a lifetime of study to truly understand the art and is a system of combat which seeks perfection and therefore demands continues study. 

In 1968 Sensei Tani and Sensei Kimura introduced the Shukokai Karate Union ,and in 1969 was formed as the original Shukokai Karate organisation for England. Keikoba Shukokai was founded in1981and have a history of Karate excellence second to none, and many champions of national, international and world level have been trained in our method. We have tremendous back up and support from our clubs, with some of the most experienced instructors, including our own Sensei Dave maintaining the prestigious style and keeping all clubs standardised in their teaching.                                                                                                                                    
"Karate ni  sentenashi" a basic and very essential part of Karate  training. It means that the karateka must never attack first -- mentally or physically. To understand this fully takes years of hard, correct training are needed. As the karateka grows in stature so also will grow his good manners and  etiquette, both outwardly and even more important inwardly.

KEIKOBA PHILOSOPHY : If you have something to prove then we do not want to know. However if you have something to share then we want to see !

Keikoba news : Sensei Dave Bowler and his clubs have decided to leave the SKU and form their own independent group to develop their own standard.

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